Mortgage terms
per month
Principal & interest
Property tax
Home insurance
HOA fees
Mortgage insurance
Total approximate funds needed to close
The approximate loan cost illustration below does not constitute and is not a substitute for the loan estimate of closing costs (LE) that you will receive once you apply for a loan.
Approximate cost of closing fees
Underwriting fee
Processing fee
Origination fee
Credit report
Flood life of loan fee
Tax service fee
Title fees and taxes
Lender's title insurance policy
Owner's title insurance policy
Closing / Escrow / Settlement
Recording fee — MRTG / DOT
Recording fee — releases
State tax / Stamps — (MRTG / DOT)
Intangible tax
Approx. cost of closing fees
Prepaid interest and escrow / reserves
Interest — estimated
Real estate tax escrow
Insurance escrow
Deposit or earnest money
Secondary financing amount
Costs paid by: seller / lender / 3rd party
Down payment
Approximate funds needed to close